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Vablokk Music

About Vablokk Music

VABLOKK_LOGO_REVISEDVablokk Music is an independent music group based out of Virginia Beach, VA. In 2003, Founder/Artist Ariel Costas aka Jessiah had a idea on creating a brand. “Straight out of high school I wanted to create something that I could call my own. That’s when the idea of Vablokk music came to play, do to my love of music”. “VA” is where we’re from “Blokk” is were it all started so put it together “Vablokk” came about. “That’s where the music started was on the block, the cyphers, the battles, just pure hiphop”. The day Jessiah founded Vablokk Music is the same time J. Ransom became CEO/Artist of the Indie group. “J. Ransom is my partner in crime, I value his opinion and thoughts on just everyday life, He’s my brother”. Then came Jesse Smith aka Mr. 2050 Producer of Vablokk Music. “2050 has an incredible mind and his love for the music shows every time he touches those keys”. Our goal is to turn this brand to a walking build board and with the addition of Jessica Rodriguez “Promotion Manager” to the Vablokk Family it’s looking real good for the brand. “It’s not about being the hottest group in the world, it’s about doing what we love to do…MUSIC”.

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