Fuego Beats Radio wants to help aspiring and established artists/bands promote their music. Submit HOT music and we will play it on the show for the world to hear. The Fuego Beats Radio crew is passionate about great music and wants to give artists the unbiased opportunity to be heard.

*DISCLAIMER* All submissions must be mp3 format with a bit rate of 128kb/s or higher. All metadata must be filled out within your file or the song will not be accepted. Additionally your email should include pictures, websites and a bio or press release. We feature only good music and aim to be the first to air new singles, so make sure to send them to us.

Please submit all music submissions to wfbs981@gmail.com, with the title in this format, “Your Name – Your Song Title – Music Submission”.

Please Include in the email, Artist/Band Name, Your Location, Song Name, Song Title, Album Name, Social Media Info & Short Bio. Please Attach the song with album or single cover.

All submissions that ignore this format will not be considered. If your song is selected to be placed in our rotation, we will contact you and let you know.