• Single, Mixtape or Album Posting
– Artists music will be post on our website under our music page.

• Promotion on Artists Page
– Each artist will have an individual page that’s dedicated to their music.

• Album Cover Development
– Our design team will create all the artwork and develop a customize album cover.

• Promoted on Newsletters
– The artists will be placed in our affiliate newsletters, which reach over 200,000 people.

• Social Media Advertisement
– Releases, Tours, and Appearances, will be promoted and advertised on all our social media networks.

• Placement of songs in  DJ Pools
– Songs will be uploaded in DJ Pools, so radio station and club dj’s will be able to find and access your music easily.


• Front Page Banner Ad
– Banners will be placed on the home page of our website. All banners need to be 1000×315.

• Sidebar Banner Ads
– Banners will be placed on the right side of the home page of our website. All banners need to be 300×400.

• On Air Advertising
– Business will be mentioned during our shows and commercials will be played on our 24-7 stream.

• Commercial Development
– Our production team will develop a commercial, for businesses to air on our station as well as others.

Please contact us at for individual pricing and packages.